Scribble Scratch Scrawl …

I am beginning (again). There is a certain excitement associated with beginnings, and the newness of unknown possibility. It’s a feeling I am well familiar with … arguably too familiar. Nevertheless, let’s celebrate that today we are taking one strong step towards the future.

Peckish Pablo, is me. Or, I am Pablo … and I am often peckish … yeah, I could go for a bite.

I’ve uniquely titled this post to reflect a sentiment I’ve carried with me since my college days. As a design student, one of my most enjoyable experiences was the pleasure of purchasing new supplies for the semester. A fresh set of double-ended markers, razor sharp exacto blades, a full box of delicately fine-tipped black Sharpies (something I still get excited about), and a medley of watercolor sheets, marker pads and assorted spiral-bound or lay-flat journals. The journals were always pristine. Filled with such possibility. Daunting to imagine filling, even more so to begin filling. How do you start something so monumental? Well, as one of my most beloved professors suggested … “immediately, without thought, hesitation, or worry.” Just open the cover and, “scribble.” The goal is to remove the stigma of perfection. The greatest journals are supremely personal and infinitely valuable, but quickly rendered pointless if you’re more concerned with beginning perfectly, rather than actually filling the pages with your thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

With that, this is me beginning. Little more than a scribble … but stick around … it will get personal and will be well worth the support.

– Pablo

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